10 Year Old Viking Ice Maker Refrigerator Not Working Repair Tips

10 Year Old Viking Ice Maker Refrigerator Not Working Repair Tips

There are some factors that can lead to an ice maker that is not working. When a frost is building up, the ice maker seems not to be producing ice. If your unit makes lumpy or little ice, it causes something as simple as low water pressure, a filthy filter, or more mineral deposits in the water. In the case of a 10-year-old Viking refrigerator, some DIY works may be required, and service may be necessary.

A common culprit of a clog is frozen water in the line.  In order to fix a frozen line, adjust the unit and disconnect it from the power source. Find the shut-off valve, usually installed under the sink or at the back of the fridge. Turn off the valve. Put a turkey baster with hot water and put it over the waterline. Preferably, defrost the waterline by allowing the fridge to place, using a hairdryer unplugged for more than two hours.

Fix the power to the unit and notice the water supply to fill the mold. When the clog is anything but clear, seek professional help in eliminating the clog. When the ice maker isn’t making ice at all or is making cubes that are lesser than usual, it’s a common indication of a clog along the line. There is also a chance that the filter for the unit is blocked. Find and change the water filter. Filters for units are typically located in the fridge to keep them from freezing.

There is also a need to replace the main computer control system, ice maker assembly, wiring harness, defrost control unit with sensors, temperature control unit assembly, one-year warranty on installed parts, caused by fires and power surges.

Identifying the most common issues that ice makers can provide you a good structure to prepare for the hot weather. In case the ice maker is not working, you will have the skills you can use to talk with an ice maker technician during repair service.

At Viking Appliance Repair Pros, we can deliver quality service and help clients choose the correct size of ice maker to meet their business goals. We also provide a thorough cleaning and regular maintenance to see to it that the ice maker works in the difficult summer months!
Regardless of the problems with the ice maker, it’s always best to have a highly-trained professional to check on it. Through this, you can be sure that you have isolated the issues and that it can be attended to and repaired properly by Viking Appliance Repair Pros.

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