Keeping Your Viking Range Top In Good Shape

Keeping Your Viking Range Top In Good Shape

When you turn off your Viking range top and notice clicking sounds. Although it’s natural to hear this when switching on a range top, when the sounds don’t seem to stop or last long then something must be wrong with your unit. But don’t worry! A clicking range top isn’t as serious as what you think. There are some causes your range top does not stop clicking. Extra moisture, food scraps, misaligned burner caps, or damaged parts are some common culprits.

When you want to understand this issues better, we have gathered these Viking range top ignitor troubleshooting instructions to help you identify and solve the problem:

Food Scraps Blocking The Ignition System

A range top that clicks regularly doesn’t always mean it’s defective. One solution could be a simple cleaning of your range top. Food preparation could be very messy at times. It’s unavoidable that food scraps or overspills will accumulate in the tiny holes and opening of your Viking range top.

What To Do:

  • Unplug the range top.
  • Uninstall the burner cap.
  • Wipe the igniter, burner, and under the knobs with a little brush.
  • Take out spills or scraps using a Q-tip and alcohol.
  • Change the burner cap, and check if it works.

Moisture On The  Range Top Igniters

One reason your range top always clicks after you turn off your unit is because of the moisture. When you happen to forget about the water boiling, and the pan boils over. You got an unhandled moment and tipped out the sauce. The extra moisture from the spilt sauce can affect the surface where the igniter is located and triggers it to click.

What To Do:

  • Unplug the range top.
  • Uninstall the burner caps and knobs.
  • Raise the stovetop and wipe any moisture with a rag or tissue paper.
  • Dry the range top or use a fan to speed it up.
  • Change everything and check if the clicking has stopped.

Range Top Burner Cap Out Of Alignment

A Viking range top clicking continuously when switched off may be due to a burner cap that not in its proper alignment. For example, when you wipe your range top regularly, it’s most likely you installed one of the burner caps improperly. Unfortunately, this is a simple repair.

What To Do:

  • Cool the range top when recently used.
  • Take off the burner grate.
  • Remove the burner cap.
  • Change it in the correct alignment and replace the burner grate

After trying all the Viking range top ignitor troubleshooting tips, then you may already have a damaged part. Unless you are an expert, a defective part requires to be replaced by an expert. When your range top does not stop clicking, contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros to do the right job for you. Also offers Viking Repair in San DiegoViking Appliance Repair in Denver, Viking Oven Repair in San Francisco.

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