Quality Viking Refrigerator Services

Quality Viking Refrigerator Services

Your refrigerator is the heart of your home kitchen. It stores your fresh goods and makes them cold. The defective refrigeration unit spoils your food that results in bad food being thrown away. No one likes to throw their food. Thus, when your refrigerator stops working well, you should deal with the issue as soon as possible. You need a reliable service provider that works on the same day for Viking refrigerator and freezer maintenance and repair.

You are in the best place! Viking Appliance Repair Pros will repair any refrigeration issues within the same day you call. We service promptly to guarantee your refrigerator is working well and that no goods go bad.

Common Problems With Viking Refrigerator

Strange Noises

We often get more inquiries about loud noises from refrigeration units than any issues associated with refrigerators and freezers. One recurrent cause of loud noises from a unit is a defective evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor. If you contact us, you should share your suspected source of the noise for us to take the appropriate tools and spare parts to perform the repair of your refrigerator unit.

Water Leaks

Our factory-trained refrigerator technicians repair water leaks from your unit as well. One of the main reasons that your uni leaks are damage to the door seal or a defective water inlet valve. Our service trucks are full of spare parts and equipment to perform the necessary repairs even in the initial service call.

Not Making Ice

If your freezer does not make ice, reach us for a diagnosis and service repair. This often occurs when the temperature control of the ice maker fails to work properly or there is a defective water fill tube or a broken water inlet valve. In some cases, an ice maker runs too slow and produces stinky ice. We can deal with any issues on a quick service call.

Too Warm or Cold

It is troublesome when your unit feels too warm or cold. A warm unit is often due to a damaged air inlet damper. While a too cold unit has an issue with temperature control. This issue can have a negative impact on its freezer. We deal with issues in the freezer and that of its temperature on all models.

With Viking Appliance Repair Pros, you can receive first-rate refrigeration service right at your own home. We understand that you don’t entrust your Viking refrigerator to any random service provider. Contact the experts of Viking Appliance Repair Pros today!

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