Reliable Viking Refrigerator Services

Reliable Viking Refrigerator Services

Viking is known to manufacture the best home kitchen appliance units. Thus, once you find out that your Viking refrigerator is not cooling properly, you need to look for the best possible solution. Below are the top reasons why a Viking refrigerator is so warm that it already requires professional help.

Filthy Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are the reason for dispersing heat from the unit as its refrigerant goes through them. If the condenser coils become filthy, they can’t run effectively.

If the condenser coils no longer disperse heat efficiently, your refrigerator won’t keep the right temperature. When your Viking refrigerator doesn’t cool sufficiently, initially check to confirm if the condenser coils are free of dirt and scraps. If they have dirt inside, turn off, unplug, and clean the unit.


Once you find out that your unit warms up, the thermistor may be damaged. The thermistor regulates the temperature and activates the setting of other functions of the unit. When the thermistor isn’t functioning well, the compressor and evaporator fan does not work as they should.

You can examine the thermistor using a multimeter to identify when it bears continuity. When the thermistor does not have one, it has to be replaced.

Evaporator Fan

The unit evaporator fan supplies the cold air to keep the unit cool. When the refrigerator compartments are warm, you will have a defective evaporator fan.

The evaporator fan takes the air to the evaporator coils, then distributes the cool air throughout the unit such as the freezer. The evaporator fan that malfunctions block the cold air from moving, causing your Viking refrigerator not to keep the right temperature.

Once you remove the electric supply, manually adjust the evaporator fan blade. When the blade does not move properly, or if you hear it making a lot of noise, it will be more practical to change the evaporator fan motor.

Temperature Control Thermostat

This device is responsible for identifying the warmth of your Viking refrigerator. The temperature control thermostat helps operate the condenser fan motor, compressor, and evaporator fan motor. When the thermostat is not functioning efficiently, the refrigerator will not keep the right temperature.

One of the ways to monitor the thermostat is to adjust the dial from lowest to the highest,  and check if there are clicking sounds. If the thermostat doesn’t click, then utilize a multimeter to identify if the thermostat has continuity in its setting. When the thermostat is damaged, you will have to change the thermostat.

If you want an expert to diagnose and repair the problem with your Viking refrigerator repair service, contact Viking Appliance Repair Service Pros. Don’t let a damaged refrigerator lose your cool! With services in Viking range repair and Viking oven repair.

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