What Happen To Viking Range Igniters That  Won’t Stop Clicking

What Happen To Viking Range Igniters That Won’t Stop Clicking

There are times when you rush home to get your meal on the table. You place a skillet on the cooktop burner to get it started. Yes, many have experienced it. Then something happens. When you adjust the switch to ignite, the igniter keeps clicking although it isn’t on.

When you are like many homeowners, the last noise you want to notice from an item that consumes gas and gets very hot is clicking. This is a common issue, basically with stoves that come with a spark ignition system. You should know that a clicking stove isn’t always alarming, however, you need to deal with it immediately.

A regular igniter clicks a few times prior to sparking and lighting the stove. In some cases, however, the igniter will click persistently even after it is lit.  Here are some of the possible problems and solutions:

Issues With The Burner

Various burner problems may result in clicking. Such issues include misalignment, debris, and moisture in its cap. How can you troubleshoot burner problems?

Examine the alignment issues of the burner cap by performing the following steps:

  • Check if the cooktop is cool.
  • Take off the burner crate.
  • Remove the burner cap.
  • Adjust the cap on the base at the center. See to it that it’s not contorted and then set it into place.

When the cap is not on correctly, you may have moisture issues. You can also examine if there is excess moisture by:

  • Taking off the burner cap to check for moisture.
  • Air drying the cap.
  • Letting it dry fast with a towel, a fan, or placing it in an oven for at least 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

If still doesn’t work, check for dirt, scraps, and other debris by:

  • Carefully checking the cap for dirt stuck in the burner.
  • Making use of a paper clip or pin to remove any dirt from the grooves.

When the issue is not with the equipment itself, you may have some problems with the switch.

Issues With The Spark Ignition Switch

Spark switches start the ignition by supplying electric power to the spark module. The switch could get shorted because of moisture, electricity goes up, or different other reasons. A defective ignition switch can start sending continuous power to the spark module, making it click regularly.

In order to troubleshoot a defective spark igniter switch, utilize a multimeter device on the switches. The spark ignition switch that shows consistency is defective and must be changed.

As we are talking about Viking range igniters won’t stop clicking, it’s important to diagnose related problems that most people find even more troubling. If you need professional help, contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros. Services offered include Viking oven repair, Viking cooktop repair,  and Viking stove repair.

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