What To Do When Viking Refrigerator Not Cooling

What To Do When Viking Refrigerator Not Cooling

Have you observed that your Viking refrigerator is not cooling as it should be? When your food spoils more quickly, then it may be your Viking refrigerator that is not functioning efficiently or allowing the cool air inside disappears too quickly. 

Viking refrigerators are popular American appliance brands of high-end refrigerators. These appliance units come with several different designs and configurations along with isolated all-freezer and all-refrigerator parts with the integration of side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigeration units.

When your Viking refrigerator stops working, tasks in the kitchen get out of control. However, some of the refrigeration issues can be rather simple to repair. You should not always have to contact a technician right away. You may be amazed at how usually technicians work in a client’s kitchen, only to know that the issue was because of a triggered breaker.

What you should do is to check the temperature setting on the upper top side of the unit. Make sure that they are set to the desired temperature. The factory-set temperature for Viking refrigeration units is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, check if it was not adjusted and reset the temperature when necessary. Also, see to it that the evaporator fan of your refrigerator is functioning properly. 

Finally, check if the door of the unit is tightly closed. A damaged or broken door gasket will not cool the air inside the refrigerator unit, remarkably affecting its efficiency. While a dysfunctional thermostat or compressor can also result in this issue.

If your Viking refrigerator is not cooling as it should be, but its freezer seems to work well, a damaged evaporator fan could be the culprit. A refrigeration unit that makes some noise is a glaring sign that your fan might be broken. This will lead to some issues with your unit compressor, the component that spreads the refrigerant in the system. The relay may be uninstalled and check to see to it that the connection isn’t the problem by jiggling it. When you hear a whirring sound, then it’s the best time to change it.

Although there are some issues you can talk about yourself, when your Viking refrigerator still fails to keep your food fresh and cool, you will want to contact an expert for immediate repair.

To get to the bottom of the problem, Viking Appliance Repair Pros technicians can diagnose the problems that trigger your refrigerator not to cool properly. Contact one of our experts today and book an appointment to get your unit up and running in no time. Also offers Viking cooktop, wine cooler, freezer,  and appliance repair services.

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