When Do You Need A Viking Oven Repair Service?

When Do You Need A Viking Oven Repair Service?

It must be very frustrating when the food that comes out from your oven is undone, or uncooked at all. Once it happens, you can have a Viking oven not heating up properly. It can be due to several concerns other than convenience, but worry no more! We will diagnose some common issues for oven temperature problems so you can resolve them efficiently.

Broken Temperature Sensor

A broken temperature sensor can be one of the reasons for your Viking oven temperature not working well when baking. Its part functions with the oven control panel and thermostat to regulate temperature changes. Running through electricity, the sensor provides resistance if the temperature increases. If the sensor is damaged it won’t resist when needed, resulting in issues with cooking.

When assessing the temperature sensor, see to it that it is not banging against the oven. It may result in inaccurate readings. Once the temperature sensor is adjusted properly and the oven is evaluated accurately, the sensor can be damaged and needs a new unit.

Defective Bake Element 

Some ovens come with a bake element under their interior. The metal coils have wires that facilitate the flow of electricity, heating the coil for baking and cooking. If the Viking oven fails to heat up as expected, perhaps the element has broken down, causing uneven baking or cooking from the heating element.

Damaged Oven Igniter

A broken oven igniter is one common reason why a Viking oven does not heat up. As gas ovens take up natural gas such as the source of heat, the unit’s igniter consumes electricity to work. The igniter must provide enough power supply to activate the valve that allows the gas to flow and light the gas when it’s turned on. If this part is broken, it will not activate the valve, not emitting heat for cooking or baking.

To determine whether the igniter is defective, turn on the oven and notice as it glows to light the gas. When it needs more than over a minute to light or fails, the igniter may be defective and requires replacement.

Faulty Convection Fan Motor 

Convection ovens use a fan to disperse hot air while working, resulting in faster and even baking. But if the motor that operates the fan stops functioning, the oven will fail to spread air. When this occurs, you’ll notice that your Viking oven will not heat accurately. When the fan motor blades don’t turn freely by hand, or if multimeter testing displays a lack of regularity, the motor needs replacement.
If these troubleshooting steps do not improve the situation, you have to schedule a repair service. Viking Appliance Repair Pros can assist you with any oven repair needs. You may also take advantage of Viking cooktop repair and Viking stove repair.

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