When Viking Fridge Needs You To Clean Coils

When Viking Fridge Needs You To Clean Coils

A common issue with the Viking fridge is the stuck-up on the condenser coils. Knowing how to clean the coils will help keep your fridge working smoothly for many years to come. The maintenance work should be part of the regular cleaning and save you from costly repairs in the long term.

Refrigerator coils are seen either below or behind the refrigerator. If these coils get plagued with dirt, they can’t perform their function correctly. The refrigerant that cools the refrigerator to keep a stable temperature needs these coils to be clean.

Regular cleaning as part of a seasonal maintenance routine is a practical way to take care of your appliances. Below are the easy steps on how to clean the condenser coils and boost the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Unplug The Unit

For any electrical maintenance work, remove the unit from the power source before doing the task. Move the refrigerator away from the wall to check easily. It will make the job of cleaning the coils simpler. If the coils are below the refrigerator, you could see a toe guard in front of the refrigerator that can be taken off. Eliminating the toe guard provides access to the unit while giving the distance from the wall will give access from the back of the unit.

First Vacuum

Utilizing a slim vacuum attachment, remove any dirt and debris around the coils and those around the unit. Make use of the narrow attachment to access the nooks and crannies of the condenser coil space.

Eliminate Debris

Make use of a thin brush to ward off the stuck particles and dirt. This is a critical step to clear the coils of the unit. The first vacuum will not prevent all the debris that builds upon the coils. Clean the condenser coils carefully with a brush on the coils and on the component around them.

Final Vacuum

Utilize the narrow vacuum attachment after cleaning the coils. Cleaning unit coils will help your refrigerator run well without doing so much to maintain the required temperature. Vacuum the stuck the dust and debris left on the coils.

Return To Position

After seeing to it that you have cleaned the coils, move the refrigerator back to its original position. Connect it back to the power source and adjust it against the wall. When necessary, eliminate any dirt with a vacuum exposed from adjusting the unit.
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