Why Is Your Viking Stove One Burner Not Working?

Why Is Your Viking Stove One Burner Not Working?

Viking stoves are the type of home appliance that tells you that its user takes food preparation seriously. Viking is a reputable brand of excellent gas stoves – solid, high-end appliances that can complement any home kitchen. Still, despite the popularity of this well-known brand, the Viking stove could begin malfunctioning over time – especially if it falls short in regular maintenance. One of the less popular, but definitely rather aggravating issues is when the igniter begins sparking continuously but does not stop, not until you remove the stove completely.

Defective Spark Ignition Switch

The main function of spark ignition switches is to supply electric voltage going to the spark module. A defective or worn switch could send the voltage regularly, even when the user eliminates the controls in Viking stove units. Always remember that one of the most common problems is due to water that gets stuck in the Viking switch. When it was actually the case we highly advise disconnecting the appliance or shut down the breakers and cleaning the appliance, including the knobs and the part below the knobs, more importantly eliminating the moisture using the hairdryer.

Faulty Control Board

Luckily, Viking control panels are conventionally vulnerable to electrical issues. Just years ago the Viking company had to recall a thousand ranges with deficient control panel isolation that led to Viking stoves turning on irregularly. In some cases, it may be enough to eliminate the external shield of the range and inspect when there is no moisture over the control board. See to it to unplug the appliance first. When you do see some moisture, carefully clean the board using a clean cloth. Once you observe the signs of burns on the part you may have to change the control board.

Broken Spark Module

Viking stoves usually have different spark modules, which are installed to some spark electrodes at once. A broken or shortened spark module could send the voltage to the electrodes regularly, when that occurs, you may experience this issue in several, if not all, burners immediately. We highly recommend checking the spark module contacts with the multimeter prior to changing this part.

So if your Viking stove one burner is not working, you are fortunate! Our company sends out professional appliance repair service for Viking stove and other home appliances! Viking Appliance Repair Pros has a team of factory-trained technicians and complete stock of replacement parts when necessary.  We provide professional repairs in the compressor, exchanger, coils, PC board, valve, and freon welding. Or your stove may only need to clean coils or need to flush the freon system. Contact one of our specialists today to book an appointment. Also offers services for Viking oven repair and Viking cooktop repair.

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