Your Best Site for Viking Stove Repair Service

Your Best Site for Viking Stove Repair Service

Viking stoves are precious cooking tools, which the possibilities are definitely endless. Either you have gas stoves or electric units, like any other units, they stop working overtime. If you are having issues with your Viking stove, it can give a wrench in your meal plans and experience overall. Today at Viking Appliance Repair Pros, we are imparting some of the most recurring stove repair issues to look for if the unit isn’t operating properly.

When you have evaluated and performed all of these troubleshooting steps and it still isn’t functioning properly, then it may be the best time to call your nearest Viking repair service. Viking Appliance Repair Pros is your wisest choice. We are a Viking certified appliance repair service provider and have expertise in stove repair and more.

If your Viking stovetop burner isn’t turning on, it’s highly recommended to perform a little detective work.

Inspect the Gas

One of the best methods to check and confirm if the gas is functioning is by just switching the burner on. When you notice the clicking sound of the ignition, however, still no light, then it’s possible that the Viking stove burner is either getting no supply or a limited amount of gas. We advise you to check the burners and confirm when they will light. When it’s only the one burner is causing an issue, that likely indicates that you have a loose connection or that the stove burner is filthy to enable the smooth gas flow. Check all the connections and wipe the burner properly to give the burner a high possibility of restoration.

Observe the Ignition

If you light up a Viking gas stove, you should hear a clicking noise. The clicking sounds are the ignition lighting the gas going to the burner. When you notice the clicking sounds, however, still see no light, check if you can smell any gas. But that does not mean smelling it thoroughly. That is simply to check a gas smell in the area while trying to ignite your burner. When you don’t smell any gas, then its flow may be blocked. Clean the burner properly so that gas can pass through freely.

If you go to light the burner and there are no clicking sounds, that may be a sign that you must have a new ignition switch. The ignition switch is designed to initially ignite the gas, thus no ignition means no light.
Contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros for any questions about Viking stove repair or schedule a service repair service appointment! Viking cooktop repair is also offered.

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