Your Viking Microwave Repair Search Stops Here

Your Viking Microwave Repair Search Stops Here

A microwave is considered one of the primary cooking appliances. Thus, there is no working kitchen without a Viking microwave. The microwave provides added convenience to your home by helping you to efficiently cook ready-to-eat meals or heat fresh food, not wasting the time when you need it most. In order to help you troubleshoot problems with your unit, we’ll provide you some of the most common microwave repair problems.

Not Running

You apparently need a microwave that works, and one that will not start can emanate from minor or major problems. This is possible, but when you have an old countertop microwave, you first need to see to it that the unit is connected to an electrical outlet. You also need to try to test that the outlet is giving electricity, either by securing a multimeter or by trying another electric equipment in the outlet. 

A broken door switch can also result in this issue in both built-in and countertop microwaves. The door switch gives the signal once the microwave is shut off, and if the microwave can start cooking. Defects in the interlock system of the switch will affect the functions of your microwave. A damaged ceramic or thermal fuse will also affect its efficiency. 

Not Heating

Actually, you need not complete a microwave cycle just to find out your dish has not been heated. A unit that works, but will not heat is relatively useless but can be repaired.

Problems with either the unit high voltage usually result in this problem. The magnetron releases the heat a microwave must cook and heat dishes, as the high voltage diode supplies power to the magnetron. Defects with either of these components will block your microwave from releasing heat, even if it’s getting power. These parts can be changed, but are hard to reach within your unit. 

Touchpad Not Responding

Its touchpad controls enable you to program several cooking functions with the tap of a button. Once the touchpad doesn’t work, you are not able to use the microwave.

A malfunctioned touchpad is possibly the result of a defective membrane control board or switch. The membrane switch gives a signal to the control board to activate some functions in the unit, and a membrane switch that is broken or defective will stop any response from the unit touchpad. In a similar case, a damaged control board will not be able to switch on the selected functions. As for many homeowners, these parts are too complicated to fix and need assistance from a professional microwave repair technician.

Making Excessive Noise

A noisy unit can be the result of an issue, including a defective drive motor, poor roller guide, broken cooling fan, or high voltage diode. To determine the specific issue, you’ll need to uninstall the components to check their conditions. Most importantly, it’s recommended that you consider help from a professional microwave repair technician to solve this problem.

It’s important to remember that most microwaves only work for at least 10 years. When you are experiencing issues with an old unit, you should consider upgrading to a newer model. You can start with your search for a new unit with a collection of Viking microwave units.

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