Common Reason Your Viking Wine Cooler Not Cooling

Common Reason Your Viking Wine Cooler Not Cooling

If you collect precious wines or love drinking, the best method to keep the collection is to store them in a functional wine cooler. This is true to many homeowners, where temperatures can go up to three digits. Viking wine cooler stores wines at the required temperature and humidity levels so they can be consumed for years to come.

It can be bad for the wine when you are going through wine cooler temperature issues. There are several reasons why a wine cooler is not working, and it is essential to handle it as soon as possible.

The initial step to understand is there are two types of wine coolers. One type utilizes a thermoelectric system to regulate the temperature. The other one comes with a compressor system. Identifying your own system will help diagnose the issue. When you are not able to identify it, contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros, and our specialist will help you immediately.

Inaccurate Temperature

If you have issues with a thermoelectric wine cooler, the temperature could be the problem. This wine cooler does not keep a cool temperature like the compressor systems. The required room temperature ranges between 50 and 80 degrees. Once the room is warmer, the wine cooler will not work properly. The good thing about this problem is that the cooler is not defective, and the issue is easy to fix. Move the cooler to a room with reduced temperature, and the refrigerator will run again.

Defective Fan

A thermoelectric wine cooler utilizes a fan to push hot air out. Once it breaks, gets blocked with strands, or unplugs, the wine cooler will not work properly. To repair the problem, examine the fan. When it is not installed, connect the connectors and see when that corrects the issue. When there is accumulated dirt, get a soft cloth and clean it. If none of them is the problem, the fan may require to be changed.

Damaged Thermostat

When the wine cooler is not cooling, it may be due to a malfunctioning thermostat. This provides power to the elements that control and change the wine cooler temperature, so if it is damaged, the interior will get warm or in some situations, too cold. Unluckily, a thermostat cannot be repaired. It will need to be replaced with a new one to get your fridge properly working again.

If you are seeking a professional repair, Viking Appliance Repair Pros is your best choice. Contact our team to schedule an appointment to fix your Viking wine cooler not cooling. Also offers services for Viking ice maker repair and Viking freezer repair.

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