Dos and Don’ts to Follow in Your Appliances Regime

Usually people have a lot of questions when it comes to purchasing or buying a household appliance. You exercise every possible caution before taking any wrong decision with your appliances, since you do not wish to put at risk the luxury and comfort level that you enjoy in your house. But we have even more questions when it comes to asking for repair of those same appliances. For instance, your Viking oven has failed to work abruptly while you are cooking your favorite pudding to enjoy with family, what will you do? While calling upon the Viking appliance repair service professionals may sound as the easiest solution, why not try and implement a system where you do not need Viking appliance repair at all?

Yes! You heard it right! We are talking about simple solutions that can help you in keeping your Viking appliances at an arm’s reach from harm.

Follow the dos and don’ts. Implement them religiously and voila! You will no longer have problems with your appliances.


  • Rigorously clean the surfaces of your Viking appliances after every single use. It prevents corrosion.
  • Do not leave the appliance plugged into power with the socket switched on. Make it a routine to switch off the appliance after use.
  • Always avoid using sharp objects for cleaning your appliances. Instead use a sponge or a damp cloth to do so.
  • In case of Viking refrigerator, clean the condenser coils, at least once in every three months.
  • When cleaning the Viking stove, never leave the unit plugged into the socket. Always unplug it from the power switch.


  • Never pour water over your Viking cooktop.
  • Never spray the cleaning liquid directly on the burners or on the surface of the ovens.
  • Never clean a gas stove with the gas taps on.

If you smell gas, do not ignore. It might be a gas leak while cleaning. Immediately turn off the stove and open the windows of your kitchen.

Well, as long as you can take note of the above mentioned things, the Viking appliance repair will never really be in the picture, unless there is a major error with the performance of your appliance, which cannot be solved without professional expertise. So hold onto the must dos of the day to ensure a hassle free functioning of the appliances.

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