Look No More For Viking Wine Cooler

Look No More For Viking Wine Cooler

There are several brands and models of wine coolers in the market, however, they have one thing in common,  they all can malfunction at some point. This cooling machine is responsible for cooling and storing your wine to its recommended temperature, and if they fail to run properly, your precious bottles of wine can go bad. At Viking Appliance Repair Pros, we understand this resentment and will do the best we can to make certain that your wine cooler is able to store your bottles of wine at the right temperature and humidity. We are one of the most reliable providers of the wine cooler repair services, and whenever you need us, we are always glad to help you get the unit back in good shape.

Some Common Wine Cooler Issues

Viking Appliance Repair Pros is more than ready to deal with any types of wine cooler issues. If you contact us, you can guarantee that we will go the extra mile to make sure your wine cooler is working efficiently in no time, especially when your precious bottle investments are at risk.

Once you go through any of the following problems or another, contact us immediately:

It does not turn on.

This is often due to several reasons. See to it that you check for broken fuses, tripped breakers, and floppy power cords.

It is not cooling enough.

This can be a result of thermostat issues, condenser, or compressor problems, or evaporator fan motor defects depending on the model of the wine cooler.

It is leaking water.

Its compressor may leak water when the door has been opened for a while, its seals are damaged or filthy, or the drain hose is blocked.

It is a strange noise.

The cracking or bursting sounds are natural when there are temperature changes. When vibrating sounds are created, see to it that the cooler is at the same level. When crushing and grinding, call for a professional service.

Its door doesn’t close properly.

Make sure that the surface is even. When it is and the issue persists, inspect for filthy door gaskets or misplaced shelves.

We know that a dysfunctional wine cooler is a big inconvenience in your active life, and our team wants to help repair it in no time. We can provide top-quality Viking freezer and wine cooler maintenance and repair services.  A damaged or malfunctioned wine cooler can make for a terrible wine-drinking experience. 

Have your Viking wine cooler repaired immediately so you can use your wine glass once more!  If you have problems with your Viking wine cooler, call one of our specialists today for the prompt and quality repair service that the technicians at Viking Appliance Repair Pros are best known for. 

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