Overflowing Water From Viking Fridge Leaking Tray

Overflowing Water From Viking Fridge Leaking Tray

The refrigerator drip pan, also known as a water tray, is a tray placed under a refrigerator to trap condensation from the fridge’s interior during regular operation periods. This tray usually needs minimal care from you, but you can sometimes run into repair or maintenance problems that cause you to clean and potentially uninstall the tray.

The water tray is also known as the drain pan because of the job it does. It gathers the water that spills out of the refrigerator and drains into a hose. The condensation that comes from the refrigerator’s normal defrost cycle, which stops so much ice from forming within the appliance, is the water source. The water drips down the refrigerator’s back interior wall, through a drain on the refrigerator’s bottom, and into the water tray. The tray also absorbs any water that drips from the condenser coils on the refrigerator’s lower back section.

It would help if you never emptied the water tray in regular operation, even though you know it’s beneath the refrigerator. You can hear the normal refrigerator sounds as it cycles in the cycles. Since the accumulated water normally evaporates into the air, this is the case. The heating provided by the compressor motor and the coils on the back, back, or underside of the refrigerator helps the water evaporate by several degrees. Since hot air rises, a moderate convection current is created, which pulls in drier air from the room while wafting humid, moist air from underneath the fridge.

Troubleshooting a Leak

The water tray can be overfilled or leak if you find water pooling at the bottom of the refrigerator. Remove the appliance from the wall by pulling it away from the wall. If you don’t see a water tray, you’ll need to cut an access panel on the refrigerator’s bottom back to get to it. Examine if the tray is actually out of place and leaking water is falling around it. When this is the case, reposition it. If the tray is leaking, it should be replaced.

Check if the drain tube at the back of the freezer is obstructed since this will prevent the usual defrost cycle from working. Some possible sources of excess water in your train include a fridge that isn’t completely level or issues with the water supply pipes if the fridge is plumbed.

Cleaning the Water Tray

It’s important to clean the water tray, particularly if you see mold growing in it. Remove the tray from the back of the refrigerator and drain any remaining water. Hand-wash the tray with soapy water in the kitchen sink. After drying the tray, place it back in its slot underneath the refrigerator. Wipe the coils on the refrigerator in addition to the tray. Using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool attachment to suck away any lint or dirt that might be coating the coils.

User access to the drip tray might not be possible in certain refrigerators. Cleaning or fixing the tray on those models can necessitate some disassembly and reassembly. If you’re not confident dealing with the overflowing water of a Viking fridge leaking tray, it’s best to call Viking Appliance Repair Pros.

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