What To Do With Viking Ice Maker Not Working

What To Do With Viking Ice Maker Not Working

Your Viking ice maker has suddenly stopped serving its purpose. It is one of the machines that make our life more convenient, but now that it has broken down, it has become nothing but a hassle. If all goes well, it is not drizzling ice at you like a huge league pitcher.

Before you hire an expert to repair your ice maker, the repair technician will have to know what model of ice maker you own. There are the more popular ice makers that are installed to the freezer, and then there are the stand-alone ice makers that can generate up to 15 kilograms of ice per hour, and then there are units that generate ice for the North Pole.

Water Leaks in Compartment

Change the water inlet valve when you start seeing water or ice accumulating on the bottom of the freezer compartment. Once there is water leaking behind the refrigerator, change the water supply line and hold up the points of connections with tape. However, if you can’t do it yourself, a professional technician can help you.

Small Ice Cubes Production

Replace the water filter following the instructions in your user’s guide if your ice maker is generating small ice cubes. See to it that they only utilize replacement filters intended to work with a Viking refrigerator unit. If you can’t do that, seek assistance from an expert.

Lack of Water Flow

If water doesn’t make it to your Viking ice maker, turn the refrigerator around from the wall and examine the line at the back end. Straighten out some bends or distortion that could be preventing the water flow. Defrost the water line properly with a hairdryer when it becomes frozen. If you fail to perform it, contact a certified Viking appliance repair technician right away.

Hollow Ice Cubes

Getting hollow ice cubes in the unit is one glaring sign of insufficient water flow to the ice maker. Uninstall the saddle valve that provides the point of connection between the ice maker’s water line and the household plumbing. Change the valve with a wider unit to let more water get to the ice maker. If you can’t carry it out, talk to a highly trained technician.

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