Reasons why Viking stove broiler doesn’t work

Reasons why Viking stove broiler doesn’t work

When it comes to a kitchen appliance, Viking is the name that is trusted and well used by households and even in the professional kitchen. It is known for its quality, durability, and convenience of use. It does need to have proper maintenance to keep its good performance and also prolong its life service. Aside from this, there will be instances that problems may occur, and you may need to consider hiring a professional technician like Viking Appliance Pros. 

Issues with the appliance may happen due to its components or parts that may be faulty which causes it not to work properly. One of the problems that can happen is when the Viking stove broiler doesn’t work

Broiling is the method of exposing the food to high temperatures for a short period. The heat comes from the oven’s top heating element. If it doesn’t broil, the issue could be in the broiler burner igniter or electronic oven control board in the gas oven.

There are reasons why the broiler won’t work, the following are:

Burned out Broiled Element

If the broiler is not working, the main reason can be due to the defective broil element. A working broiler will glow in red and in the heat but the high heat can also cause a blistering and breakage of the component. You may notice this with the visible damage and the uneven heating of the broiler. This component can be repaired by a professional technician. 

Problem with the Igniter

For a long time, the igniter can weaken and would not be able to send signals to the gas valve to open causing the broiler not to ignite. To check, after the appliance has been turned on, check if its igniter glows for 90 seconds without igniting the broiler, this is most likely the igniter is weakened. Replacement needs to be done to work again.

Worn out Bake or Broil Spark Electrode

Another reason for the broiler not to work is the worn-out spark electrode. If this has a problem a visual inspection can also be done to check if there are cracks or other damages that cause the malfunction. For it to work again, it should be replaced and Viking Appliance Repair Pros can help you.

You may consider asking a professional to look over and do the necessary repair for the problem with the broiler. Viking Appliance Repair Pros is always ready to assist you.

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