Why does my Viking oven takes time to light?

Why does my Viking oven takes time to light?

Viking is one of the known and trusted names when it comes to kitchen appliances. Known for its high-standard materials, modern features, and designs. Though it is made to be durable, it would still require maintenance and if there are any problems, a professional repair may need as well.

There are a lot of issues that can happen to your Viking oven, and this does not mean that the appliance could no longer be used. There are parts and other components that would need to be looked at and fixed to get the unit working again. One of the problems that can happen is Viking oven takes time to light. 

Normally, the burners of the gas oven would ignite in approximately 30 to 45 seconds. If this takes much longer to ignite, the burner may have some issues with the ignition where it causes the delay. 

Before inspecting the oven, make sure to take the necessary precaution. If you are using an electric oven, make sure that it is already unplugged and the gas valve has been turned off.

When you notice this problem, this can be due to the following:

The hot surface igniter is weak

– Check the hot surface igniter should show a glow in the burner compartment. If this is not glowing, then proceed to check the wiring harness if it has voltage when the oven thermostat is on. Also check if there are any cracks or damages in the igniter, if this is found it needs to be replaced.

The gas control valve

– To locate the control valve, remove the broiler/storage drawer at the bottom of the oven. Try to turn on the oven, lightly tap the valve housing after the igniter is fully on. You may also let the Viking Appliance Repair Pros assist you.

Debris found in the burner holes

– If there is any food debris or grease build-up in the holes of the burner this can restrict the gas flow. You can also try to manually light the burner, do make sure that the oven and burner compartment is completely cleared from the gas. There are steps to get through to test if there is any restriction happening. For safety, it would be advisable to contact a professional technician to take over. 

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