Reliable Viking Ice Maker Repair Services

Reliable Viking Ice Maker Repair Services

Ice maker units are an excellent symbol of present technology and comfort. There is nothing better than cold ice to cool a favorite beverage or have on hand for other personal uses. 

Viking ice makers are designed to produce different kinds of ice. The most in-demand ice made is the crystal clear ice. The reason ice must be that clear is it is an indicator that the water is clean. Murky ice is a sign that the water isn’t pure and at times could result in a bad tasting drink. The filtration system is designed to reduce cloudy ice. Changing the filter regularly is the best method to secure fresh ice.

Ice maker units are just easy to diagnose when having issues. We are glad to provide you some tips if your Viking ice maker isn’t working properly. When your ice maker is giving you a headache and you consider it as something that requires a professional solution, give our team a call.

Ice Tastes Bad

There are different reasons other than an outdated filter as to why the ice in your unit tastes bad. Another culprit for stale ice is the time your ice has been held inside. When the ice has sat in the bin long enough, it could draw the smell of the unwrapped goods in your fridge.  Seal your food tightly so that the ice does not take in the odors, or just throw away the ice and let it produce new ice.

Not Dispensing Ice

An iced water line can be the culprit for a non-productive unit. A blocked or damaged water inlet valve may have stopped working. The water inlet valves have pause functions that can be unknowingly turned on. A blocked filter or a defective thermostat can also prevent ice production.

Making Too Much Ice

When the bin underneath the ice maker is unstable, it doesn’t connect with the ice maker to signal it to cease making the ice. The tray holds on top of a metal paddle that can wear. When the metal paddle shatters, changing the entire ice maker is important.

Ice Maker is Leaking

The refrigerator and ice maker may be misaligned. See to it that the appliances are level and stable. The water supply line can become distorted or defective resulting in the ice maker to slow down or not properly freeze the ice. 

Not Dispensing Enough Ice

A blocked or iced water valve is complicated and yet some continue to dispense ice. Limited ice is a glaring sign that the valve will soon completely freeze and fail to dispense ice.

Viking Appliance Repair Pros services the above issues and more, professionally and passionately. Your satisfaction is on top of our priority. Our team of factory-trained technicians is experts in appliance repair. We will secure the spare parts of your unit immediately, and we keep open communication with our valued clients.
Contact one of our Viking ice maker repair specialists and inform them of the issue they need to resolve. Also, check out our services for Viking cooktop repair and Viking stove repair.

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