The Need for Viking Stove Repair Services

The Need for Viking Stove Repair Services

Whether you own a cooktop or range, a stove is one of the most practical home appliances, and once it starts giving you headaches, it can make you panic. The possibility of a defective stove is anxiety-inducing, however, we are here to help you out. Most common stove issues can be easily repaired with some TLC, allowing your stove and the midnight snacks readily available. 

Below are common issues Viking stoves might go through and their recommended solutions.

Burner Not Lighting

When the light is produced on your stove, there may be some things going wrong. Notice what takes place when you light the burner. Typically, you may notice a clicking sound and smell gas from the valves. When you notice the click and don’t smell something, the issue is probably with the gas flow. 

Shut down the stove and disconnect it from the power source, then take off the burner cap and grate. Clear the food scraps and connect the wires again. When that doesn’t work, you will probably need to replace the igniter or some service on the gas connection. 

Burner Heating Slowly

A stove that heats too slow can become a big problem regardless of the type of cooktop you possess. When you own the gas unit, this problem could emanate from the burner being blocked with debris, allowing only little and weak flame. This can be quite simply repaired by providing your entire stove a complete cleanup.

Switch off and disconnect the unit, then take off the burner caps and grates providing them good washing in the sink with warm water and soap. Scrub it with a hard brush. Clean down the oven with a wet sponge as well, and make use of a toothpick to eliminate the food or other dirt from the valves. 

Keeps Clicking

Some clicking is normal when you switch on your gas stove, but if it persists long after the burner ignites, or stops the burner from igniting, it can become a major discomfort. This issue typically occurs when something is preventing the burner. See to it that the burner cap hasn’t out of place and has no debris blocking the holes. When you don’t have a sealed-burner unit, food can easily get lodged inside the grates and will need to be taken off with a paperclip or other thin metal object, but not something that can easily break.

With these given tips, the stove will function again in no time. When it does end up requiring a major repair or when it’s time for an upgrade,  see to it to contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros to make sure you get quality repair service, replacement, and new units around. Learn more about our Viking cooktop repair and Viking stove repair.

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