Viking Built In Refrigerator Is Leaking Water On My Kitchen Floor

Viking Built In Refrigerator Is Leaking Water On My Kitchen Floor

If Viking built-in refrigerator is leaking water, it requires to be dealt with immediately. A defective might be the culprit, even when it doesn’t have an ice maker or water dispenser. Luckily, it’s water that leaks, as the coolant consumed in refrigeration units is a gas. However, a pool of water below or inside the refrigerator indicates an issue that needs prompt attention.

Defrost Drain

A clogged defrost drain is one of the most common reasons for water leaking from the Viking fridge and is a good spot to begin troubleshooting. The small drain opening is vulnerable to clogs due to food scraps or ice, blocking water that stuck during the defrost process from draining to the pan. If sufficient water accumulates, it begins with leaking out of the fridge and on the floor. Clean the drain by washing with warm water. Make use of a short piece of hard wire, such as the clothes hanger, when there is a need to remove the clog.

Drain Pan

It may be unusual, but sometimes the drain pan below the fridge can have cracks that enable water to leak. It is common for a small amount to get stuck in the drain pan, however, it is irregular for it to spill over from the pan. Water in the drain pan will evaporate soon it causes some concern, but the good thing is that the condenser fan blows hot air across the pan. Check the drain pan for breaks or defects, especially when the defrost drain is clear and there is water on some parts of the fridge. The pan should be changed when it is defective.

Ice Maker

The connection of the water line to the unit can become weak or the seals can wear and break, resulting in leaks that make the water pool below and around the appliance. Plastic hoses may also break, or get contorted developing pressure that changes into a leak at the link. Examine the length of the waterline resulting in the ice maker, often on the rear outside of the refrigerator, as well as the connections, for indications of moisture. When the ice maker supply hose is the culprit, there will usually be water passing or escaping down the line and on the floor. Secure the connections or change the waterline. It’s also important to replace the connectors for a secure seal.

Water Filter

A bad connection between the water supply and filter can result in a leak in refrigerators that comes with a filtering system. Filters are installed incorrectly, the wrong size or unit, or it could be very old that crack the seal or housing, enabling water to escape Check the housing assembly and filter carefully for any water leaks, which can normally be dripping outside of the filter and to the interior part of the unit when the filter is the issues. Eliminate and change the filter, performing the user’s manual. Make sure that the filter fits the refrigerator model.

When you are uncertain of what to do with your Viking built-in refrigerator leaking water, don’t hesitate to contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros technicians to do the job for you. Our team offers quality services for Viking ice maker repair and Viking freezer repair.

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