Your Options When Viking Refrigerator Compressor Not Running

Your Options When Viking Refrigerator Compressor Not Running

When the Viking refrigerator has an electrical supply, the light is on, however, the compressor fails to run. It could be due to control board defects, wiring issues, or a damaged compressor. A damaged compressor start relay stops the compressor from running.  There are some practical tips in our troubleshooting compressor issues to diagnose the problem with your Viking fridge. 

Change the compressor start relay

The compressor start relay is the electrical equipment that activates the start windings of the motor once the motor starts. The start relay cuts the voltage to the start windings after the compressor is activated in order to continue working with the run windings of the compressor motor. Change the start relay when it is damaged, as the compressor will not receive the necessary voltage to run. In some cases, a wiring issue could result in the problem and a fix of the start relay wiring will solve the issue.

Change the temperature control thermostat

The temperature control thermostat is installed in the refrigerator’s control housing. It comes with a sensor tube connected to it that tracks the temperature in the fridge cabinet. The thermostat regulates the temperature within the cabinet by activating and deactivating the compressor depending on the temperature by the sensor tube. Change the control thermostat when it does not read temperature correctly or when it fails to cycle the compressor correctly.

Change the electronic control board

The main control board is designed to control the defrost cycle and compressor. Once it detects that the compressor must operate to maintain the temperature of the refrigerator, it passes the voltage to the fans and compressors. The electronic control board gets the message from the sensors to track the temperatures in the fridge and freezer. This information helps the electronic control board to take care of the defrost cycle. You may diagnose the electronic control board to check how well it’s functioning. The assessment differs by model, however, widely used is the Forced Defrost test. Read the manual for the specific directions on performing the diagnostics. Change the electronic control board when it’s not working properly.

Change the defrost timer

Its defrost timer is the device that regulates the intervals between the automatic cycles in the unit. Its motor works and runs the control element in the device. If the control contact in the timer pushes into the defrost cycle, the compressor ceases, and the heater is activated for a span of time to thaw the ice off the fins. It promotes a quick exchange of heat in the evaporator. If the period of defrosting comes to an end, the timer contacts switch back to let regular cooling process in the refrigerator.

In some cases, fixing a Viking refrigerator compressor not working often involves changing the smart component or overload the motor unit. To learn more about the function of your compressor or book a service appointment, contact Viking Appliance Repair Pros. Inquire about our Viking ice maker repair, Viking wine cooler repair,  and Viking freezer repair services.

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